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A very warm welcome to Weikersheim

Weikersheim is a town in the region of ‘Tauberfranken’ and belongs to the district ‘Main-Tauber-Kreis’, the north-eastern part of ‘Baden-Württemberg’.
Weikersheim is a state-approved leisure area and ,surrounded by gentle hills, is to be found in the heart of the ‘Lieblichen Taubertal’. It lies directly on the ‘Romantische Straße’ and the ‘Württemberger Weinstraße’, as well as the cycle routes ‘Liebliches Taubertal’ and ‘Hohenloher Residenzenweg’.

View of Weikersheim

Architectures of different eras, museums and the historic old town centre make Weikersheim an attractive destination. Furthermore there are several cultural activities, such as art exhibitions, cabaret and concerts of all kinds.
Many festivals and celebrations like the traditional May singing and the folk festival ‘Weikersheimer Kärwe’ complete the full array of activities.

Castle of Weikersheim

Of importance for Weikersheim is the renaissance castle with its palace garden, orangery, Hercules fountain and the gallery of the gnomes. The castle was constructed in the 16th Century by Count Wolfgang II on the foundations of an old water castle. The impressive ‘Rittersaal’, the baroque interior, the opulent objects d'art and the palace garden were all organised a century later by Count Carl-Ludwig.
Guided tours through the castle take place daily. There are special guided tours for children like ‘Spook in the castle’ or ‘Be a prince or princess for a day !’.